The Pendulum - Lesson Three
by Joe Smith

Well, are you pendulum workers ready to go out doors before the snow flies, may be to late in Wy., Michigan. Any way lets go out and try to find a water vein with the pendulum. 

First of all to dowse a water vein , place your pendulum in a search motion ( the yes motion) . Now stand in one spot and turn around asking which way to go to find the best vein of water in your space (lot). When you find the right direction it will circle in a clockwise motion. . You now have the direction to walk (slowly) in. 

Ask for the edge of the water vein. When you reach the outside of the vein the pendulum could do two things . It could swing sideways, parallel to the vein or merely just swing in a clockwise motion. OK you found the edge of the vein , now ask for the middle of the vein... then the other side. 

Go back to the middle of the vein. Ask the pendulum which way it is flowing (the water vein) Watch the pendulum's front edge. It will show you the direction of flow (letter to Robin explained this front edge or front send of the swing).

 Lets see how deep it is to the top of the the water vein first ,Ask the pendulum if the top of the vein is below 20 ft and so on till you get a no swing then back up one number and start with smaller, like 21, 22, 23, and so on till you get it within a foot.  

You now know how deep it is to the top, now ask how deep the zone is, 1', 2', and so on till you get a no. Now ask how many gallons will it produce year around per minute. Use the same type questions to find out probable production of the well. 

There are a lot more questions to ask or to use in your program if and when you ever start to seriously look for a well for yourself or some one else. But if you find you vein and answer all the question you will come a long ways to learning the uses of the pendulum. Good luck. 


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